We are blessed that you chose our church for the baptism of your little ones.  As a small way of keeping in touch with you, we would love you to follow the Baptism Journey where the resource looks at Gods world through children’s books, which you may already have at home or which you could borrow from the library; it is never too soon to share a great book with your little ones.

The resource has been created as a way to help us as a church, keep our promise to you as baptism parents, where we promised to support you and your child in their new lives in Christ. 

The resource has been designed to be fun and interactive.  Each month you can download a book suggestion, that we would like you to read and share as a family, the resource will highlight a way that the book reflects something about God and will make some suggestions of things you could do as a family that link in with the story.  We will also suggest a prayer you could use if you wished. 

      January 2022  Resource "The Tiny Seed"  

tiny seed

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